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Cash Home Buyers Club is a value driven real estate site specializing in quality & affordability in relocation, acquisition, rentals and sales of real estate. Our seasoned experienced investors have joined together to bring enormous value to all people in the USA. We are real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and citizens of the communities we serve. We take pride in buying properties, creating WIN-WIN scenarios for sellers and providing quality affordable homes for buyers that can be rented, rent to owned or purchased.This life cycle for real estate has been around for decades and helps people who need or want to sell quickly without having to do any repairs.

This is the place to start If you are really serious about renting to own, especially in DC, MD, NC or VA. Investors or landlords interested in buying a wholesale property that you can fix & flip, fix & rent, or fix to live in can find a creative financed property often times with 100% seller financing. We solve money problems for sellers, we help owners who must relocate who want to sell but don’t have much equity and don’t want to try to pay two house payments. We help millenials to baby boomers get what they want or need all while improving our neighborhoods. We are here to help you get a great deal on a quality home. Please understand we are here to give you a hand up not a hand out. Our Affordable Home Ownership Program is for SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY! We help the 1st time homebuyer, the experienced real estate investor looking for a profitable project, and the serious 2nd chance credit buyer. Affordable Home Ownership Programs for all income levels, all locations and all buyer situations we can help you.

JOIN THE CASH HOME BUYER’S CLUB and experience the pride of putting your hard earned money to work for you!
That’s right! The American Dream of Affordable Home Ownership is about THRIVING not just surviving.


We network with investors who appreciate creating wealth through real estate and technology. Groups and individual investors can acquire some of our inventory or partner to acquire other assets. We can develop portfolios for our partners and allow passive investing that serves to assist in accomplishing their investment goals

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Please understand there is NO BANK QUALIFYING this program was created and has been designed specifically for people who are passionate about improving there quality of life. FOR REAL! NO SCAMMERS! NO GAMES! NO LIES!